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Chinese or Indian?


p.s. I know there are other takeaways, but it's usually down to these two.
You bastard. I can't decide!

Chinese: Too many vegetables, often seagull.

Indian: Those cardamon pod pieces of shit.

Indian is it.

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if its good authentic chinese.. then i would go for that.
but if its the gross oily cheap crappy chinese ill prefer indian
i work in a Chinese restaurant which is absolutely amazing. but since working there, i have seen how utterly terrible Chinese takeaways are..... so its gotta be Indian.... unless its the Chinese takeaway thats owned by my boss which uses all the same recipes...

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Indian by faaaaaaaar!

although i do liek those little crispy wongtong things
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butter chicken and lamb rogan josh murder any other meal hands down. And plus... naan bread man... naan bread
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Chinese food, never liked curry or anything like that myself, so its got to be chinese.
am i the only one that instantly votes chinese? Fui-Yong-Hai is a gift from.. well, the chinese people.. but it rocks!
Quite obviously Indian.
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How comes Chinese is winning when nearly everyone posting is saying Indian.

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It's my favourite food after Italian food.
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I vote for indian.
Takeaway chinese is not real chinese, unless its takeaway from a more expensive restaurant. They use a lot of grease and cheap ingredients to sell and make it 'western friendly'. Doesn't even compare to homemade.

now I really feel like tikka masala chicken
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I'm going to make about 10 multis simply for the purposes of voting for Indian again. We can't lose this
I voted Chinese

I'm actually Indian, so when you've eaten indian for the majority of your life, you realize its boring as ****
Chinese takeaway is often greasy ****, but if it's from some expensive restaurant It's heavenly!
If its from an expensive restaurant its not a take away though is it?
Indian and Fish and Chips (plus Saveloy) are equal in greatness IMO.
Indian definitely! I love spicy stuff.
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I would like Indian, but I always seem to smell curry everyday here that I get sick of it.

Dont you know that other peoples curry always smells disgusting, whilst curry you're going to eat smells lovely? It's one of the mysteries of the world.
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Dont you know that other peoples curry always smells disgusting, whilst curry you're going to eat smells lovely? It's one of the mysteries of the world.

I live in a city full of East Indian people.
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