playing guitar, exercise, friends?
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playing guitar, exercise, friends?

pretty much

EDIT: might add sleep to this
You like it
I'm on my winter break (australia) right now for 3 weeks. So yeah, guitar, bike, friends, movies shops etc, guitar.
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I finished today. Am going to the Gold Coast in a couple of days.




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Drink, smoke (too a limit of course) and practice guitar dude....see if you can play well while drunk...it's quite fun
Wow, you guys get out of school really late. I finished exams June 6th, and I've been passing my time by running, playing guitar, hanging out with my friends... Summer isn't boring!
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Guitar. Any other instruments that are lying around the house that you could learn. Fapping of course (though if you're like most guys on here you'll barely have any porn loaded before you are done :P).

i finished last week!!
um i've been playing guitar, UG, and just chilling out really =D
Hitting the bong.
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pretty much

EDIT: might add sleep to this

and wanking.
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been done for months now. high school kids suck

wtf, when school is over, how can you be bored? i cant find friggen time to poo.
and im curious to know what exactly a youtube concert is? is that just watching live shows on youtube. i never really thought of that as something to do for fun. once in a while im curious to see how a band is live. then go to the actual concert. you know, be around people...
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i'm going to have a social life

this is my first day in the house since i broke up a week ago
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well, green day was at woodstock. so they are classic rock! i told you!
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My last exam was April 30th. I'm now working for the whole summer, my last shift is on August 29th :p
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i'm going to have a social life

this is my first day in the house since i broke up a week ago

broke up with your boyfriend? can your balls breathe in those ****ing pants bitch?
nothing =(
im bored poopless
applying for jobs though, so hopefully have something to do soon

ive spent the last three days gorming at a wall =D
go me!!!
man i need some friends...=P
Yeah, I finished mine like 5/6 years ago.

I got a job to fill the void between then and now.
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