so i'm working on my master file AGAIN
and i don't know... there's just something missing
i listen to it so damn often and playing around with the eq's and all that, that i don't know what it is

i thought maybe some of you know some tricks to get the sound a little better

you can listen to it on my profile , it's called another testmix

so here is what i used and did in the mix

EzDrummer drumkit from hell

****ty bc rich craplock
PodXT for the guitars and 2 self made sounds (the best i think i could get with it)

info on the mix:
i used lot's of eq for the drum , everything seperated , base drum, snare etc etc

2 layers of guitar (both panned to 70 l & r)
a little eq on them , some bass removed because of the boomy , some highs to..

one bass track thats just my guitar shifted one octave lower and some eq on it (boosted bass , lowered mids a little..high normal)

yea thats basicly it

thanks for reading till the end really hope to get some tipps even if they're small ones
english is not my native language