they say fenders aren't that good in making acoustics.. i don't know bout the other two..

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tanglewoods are supposed to be quite decent. fenders are soso, and i have no idea what the 3rd one is.
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yes but hardly any of them are made in left handed apart from the washburn d10s, which i was looking at getting.
people say that but its the most un-helpfull bit of advice they could give (no offence, i know your only trying to help lol) but that means swapping the nut and bridge which is a lot of hassle. i might go for the takamine.
a cutaway would be good
Why would you have to swap the whole bridge? If anything you mean the saddle, I'd say. And the nut might be a bit more of a problem but nothing seriously difficult.
i suppose.
yes it did mean the saddle, sorry.
but im one for aethestics so i dont want an upsidedown guitar.

i played a tanglewood yesterday and im seriously thinking of getting the tanglewood
Get the Tanglewood.
Fender don't make great acoustics and vintage are ok-Tanglewood is better