as anyone who looks at peoples names on this forum will know, im looking to make a guitar, and have millions of different ideas buzzing round my head, most of which im wondering about so i can make the best guitar that i can do.

as i have only played a limited number of guitars, i thought it would be good to get the opinions of other people so that together, we have a pool of knowledge of what is wrong with guitars that could do with being fixed.

for example, i always thought that having a slanted fretboard would help with barre chords to make them easier to do

other problems commonly faced that make playing difficult could be the big neck joins on bolt ons, small frets, high action, non carved tops, necks that are set slightly too high in the body which means you have to adopt a strange position to get to the neck (jackson kelly when sitting)

so, what do you guys sometimes think could be improved on guitars that you play or have played?
a slanted fretboard :S

the only problem with any of my guitars is that my les paul, the strap falls off if i tilt it too much but its really annoying having to catch it when im playing
is there something you can do to a guitar to make me a virtuoso? maybe a lacquer of some type?

... sorry coben
Thank you please.

im sure i read somewhere that owning a dimebag dean makes you a god of guitar . . . might have been the dean site funnily enough!

the idea behind the ergonomic design tho is that if its easier to play its easier to play well. wont make you better, but should reduce the things that you have to deal with as well as playing well

i still cant work out why violinists play the way they do - sure its traditional, but it cant be the easiest way