I need help really bad! When I was restringing my guitar I was cleaning it and both the bridge and the tailpiece got taken off to clean under them. Ya I just realized how dumb that was because now all I get is annoying fret buzz. Both the bridge and the tailpiece have big screws that make it go up and down to adjust it. How do I know where these should be as in how much they should be screwed in or something to stop the fret buzz.
I'm guessing you're using a tune-o-matic bridge. the screws control your action, which is how far away your strings are from your fretboard. I'd recommend unscrewing them until they lift up about a centimeter or so, which should put your guitar at a playable height that won't get you any buzz.
anyways, what's happening here is your strings are so low that when you hold a fret down, the string not only touches the fret above the held down string, but several others.
ok so raise the bridge a centimeter but what about the tailpiece because that also gos up and down.
good tip, take come masking tape and put it over the bridge posts to keep them from turning. Thats what i do.
The tail piece is usually screwed all the way down. The bridge posts depend on the height of your action. Your going to have to reset the action and intonation to get it right again. There are methods to keep the bridge screws from spinning. Wrap teflon tape on the threads they dont spin near as easy that way and wont spin when the bridge is off. Mark the sleeve and screw so you know where they should be. Or like many learn to be careful with those screws.