I want a new amp to replace my Spider. Here's what I want
-tube combo
-over 10 and under 25 watts (I want it to sound good at low volumes)
-versatile, able to play stuff from blues to shred (I can use my pedal for the most extreme stuff if I need it though)
-preferably under $600,

i'm considering:
Fender Hot Rod Series Blues Junior
Vox Custom Classic
Epiphone Blues Custom (i know its 30w, switchable to 15 on class A)
Crate V18

Advice? Any other ideas? Thanks for the help
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Blues junior with an OCD should be okay. Though none of those amps really have a voicing for metal save maybe the crate.
Go with the Crate, the others don't handle metal as well. I also suggest using something other then a multi-fx pedal, it'll cover up a lot of your amp's tone.
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Quote by Robino_Ibanez
what about the crate V18 112? which would be better, that or the 212?
I was very impressed with the V18-112. The 212 will move more air and disperse the sound better due to the overall size of the area producing sound. Either will sound good at low volumes. It's not a metal amp by any means, but I liked it for cleans and classic rock. For the money it is a good amp. Try one and see what you think.