No I don't really like it to be honest, the various parts don't come together well enough.
its interesting, but i wouldnt buy it.
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Your a good guitarist but it doesnt fit well together its seems to all over the place
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Some parts of that are a total Meshuggah ripoff. And there is a serious lack of actual melody or structure.

You're a very good player though.

I honestly don't like the effects you use on the shred parts, it sounds like my old super nintendo at some times, if you'd change that and let that rhythm guitar get in the foreground a little bit more (I love it on "alone") i'd really enjoy your music

btw any tips for a starting shredder (I'd like to combine shred with death/black metal)

keep up the work m8
To be honest this sounds very original to me. It's very unpredictable which I like and your chops are great. If you're looking for feedback the only thing I would suggest is a melody you can walk away singing at the section that starts at 1:40. Other than that it's killer!

i thought it was cool myself...i'd buy an album full of it if you would arrange it a little bit better...but i enjoy listening to this kind of stuff...so...good work
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