I just read a quote from the musician John Scatman (known for his Jazz Scat singing) and I'm almost in tears... I take life for granted so often, and get disappointed about everything so easily. I mean this guy was dying from lung cancer and his hope was just this...

"I hope that the kids, while they sing along to my songs or dance to it, feel that life is not that bad at all. Even for just a minute."

I mean I hear stuff like that from people all the time, but something about the way he worded it, or perhaps something deeper, really just hit me today. Anyone feel the same way after reading it? I mean... wow.... I just look back at all the dumb things I've made a huge deal over and all this things I think are "ruining" my life, and they all of a sudden seem so small...
Well shit man.
Nice quote, with a really deep meaning, does kinda make me feel a little bit better about all the bull I think ruins my life.
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Thats pretty moving...I've never listened to this guy, but wow..I don't know if I'll be able to complain about life for a while.