My gay ass school is having a themed talent (yeah right) show. My band wants to play a song and i, the lead guitarist, want an awesome guitar riff and mildy challenging song to play. Whats a good song? BTW the theme is WESTERN.
The Cowboy Butt Sex Song - Peter Griffin
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i can play knights of cydonia! But it has to be 2:30, but i coukld shorten knights of cydonia. Its soo much fun to play.
how bout plug in baby?
knights of cydonia is too weird for general school kids of different cliques imo.
er or how bout a song by disturbed? they chug sum good riffs and the audience will probli appreciate it too
who the hell makes a talent show themed? that's just retarded...

try riders on the storm or something like that.
Theme for a Jackal by The Misfits.

Or pretty much anything by Murder by Death.