Ernie ball string cleaner, and fretboard conditioner. Would the sstring cleaner actually be any better that using a paper towel or something? And would the conditioner actually help anything?
If the fretboard conditioner is lemon oil. Yes.
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in one word, YES
i got some with my new guitar a while ago, and they work great
but make sure when you use the fretboard conditioner you rub it hard [no innuendos please xD] , if you're just gliding it over its pretty useless [took me a while to realize, haha]
all in all the string cleaner helps when the strings are turning blackish by smoothing them up a bit
oh btw, don't get the large. its too big, the small will last you forever, especially since the wipes are reuseable for pretty much forever. haha
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buddy just buy a GHS fast fret, cleans fretboard AND preserves strings and its not in liquid form.
really convenient
well i have seen the ghs stuff but i wasnt sure how easy it is to use. How usefull is it?
dude its super useful. just apply it before u play, and after u play. it makes sliding on ur strings much easier and u dont get that friction when u play fast on the higher strings.
ive been usin it for like 2 years now (the brand, obviously ive bought many of the item) its awesome