ok, so I made a huge dumb**** mistake with my ibanez rg370 which has the floyd rose bridge on it. Ive been playing with a Les Paul for 8 years and I've always wanted an ibanez, but I made the mistake of thinking i could tune it just as easily as i do with a fixed bridge, turns out I knew far less about the floyd rose than i thought i did. I broke a string one day and decided to replace all the strings and polish the guitar. well when i replaced all the strings I removed every string bringing the bridge all the way down to the body, im trying to restring it with ernie ball slinkys 11 gauge, which is a heavier gauge which i hear now is not a good idea. anyway i cant get the damn thing in tune and sometimes i'll break a string because of overtuning. anyways i was wondering if anyone knew how to completely reset the bridge of the floyd rose from scratch, and if they could help me out. thanks
As much as I love ibanez necks, I would be scared to put 11 gauge on them in standard tuning. Their neck is soo thin. The floyd rose thing is easy though, but I would put no more than 10 for the sake of the neck. I use 11 on mines but that one is on C tuning.

As for the floyd rose, loosen the strings. Add some springs in the back of the guitar, and move the screws so that the springs can better balance with the tension of the heavier strings. With the heavier gauge you may be able to get even lower action so you could also attempt lowering the floyd.

If its an edge III you are using process is the same, but use lighter strings.
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FRs dont really like heavy strings in standard tuning. They are pretty much made to be used with 9s maybe 10s. So 11s would have to much tension for the springs in the back unless it was drop tuned. As you have learned they are very different than a fixed bridge guitar.