I really liked the feel of the whole song, the longer notes made the main riff feel sweet. Also somehow the music just fits the title perfectly, it's hard to explain.

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wow, I loved every second of this. since I can't really tell you anything wrong with it I'll just give some suggestions to make it even better IMO

when the drums have snare hits, it kinda sounded like clapping. IMO, if you ever record this or even just in GP put in handclaps there cause it sounded really cool like that.

you use a gunshot I think in one of the riffs and it sounded really awesome. I think you should have used that more often than just once.

the last quarter note was too long. I think an eighth or even a sixteenth would sound better.

other than those suggestions, I couldn't find anything wrong with guitar bass or drums. also, mixing for GP was awesome. sounded very "songlike"

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