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The fast sweeps sound like a blob, i have reason to believe that that is my tone ports distortion.

Anyway tell me what you think!

Thanks alot
i like the melodic lead parts a lot, the sweeping sounds a bit messy, but its really good. maybe think of a better ending?
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rageagainst64 you are a legend!
thanks alot for the comment.

Ive been writing metal parts for my band for so long, i think i almost forgot how to use a major key haha

Recording it was just a way to get my ideas down, i wasnt expecting to put it up, it was kinda rushed.

Im in the process of writing alot more complicated stuff, i just needed a break from all the metal haha
That's very nice, I like it a lot. You've got just the right balance of technique and melody there, so that it's impressive but not brainless.

Keep at it.
I really liked that.
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I tried to focus more on the actual theory, and i must say i like the results

thank you so much for your comments
That sounded really good, I like the main melody and the sweeping sounded good to me. It had a good balance of speed and melody. I agree you should re-do the ending, you should go out with a bang. Check out my thread if you get a chance thx:

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the guy sings and also does the guitar solos?? fuck!!

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sounds like avenged sevenfold. pretty good.

Yeah...I was going to mention that thought as well. Very Synyster Gates-like picked runs, bends & themes.
I thought it sounded great dude...Very clean & precise overall. Didn't really think that the arps sounded sloppy, like you said the tone factors in a somewhat. And more than actual "slop" I think the pace might have been rushed just enough in the lower notes, to make it sound a bit crammed. But honestly most people watching you play live, wouldn't even notice it. I doubt that I would've focused on it too much myself, had you not pointed it out.

Very solid...love to hear the rest of a song around it someday.