I'm looking for a new amp to buy and I have no idea what to get. I currently have a Marshall MG 30 dfx and I'm looking for a much better amp. My budget is around 500 - 600 max. And the guitar i mainly use is a gibson les paul studio. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
my advice is to save a couple hundred bucks and get a nice tube combo. i just got a line 6 Spider Bogner and I love it. check it out.
peavey valveking 112, 50 watts of all tube power great for all around sounds, with the remaining money buy the footswitch and a bad monkey

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okay umm i play hard rock ... some metal and some blues... and canadian dollars ... if not then us dollars. As far as bands go ... i play Guns n Roses, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, SRV, Jimi hendrix ... so basically i play almost every style except country, if that helps.
Maybe look into Traynor amps, although I'm not sure which model. YCV40 or Blue? Maybe a Peavey Classic would be good too. Not sure though...
Does anyone have any more suggestions ? I am still unsure of what to get.