*Before i say anything, dont ask for my amp, im getting an Epi Valve Junior*

Im looking at the Telecasters for the indie sound. Stuff like Radiohead, Bloc Party, Editors, The Smiths. Something nice and clean which also handles effects.

But, as always, budget limits me. Choices are between a Mex Tele, Highway 1 Tele and a 72 Deluxe/Custom.

I've played the Mex Tele and the 72 Deluxe, could tell there was a difference in sound and the neck shapes were although different, didnt bother me (im not bothered by neck shapes in general) but i havent played the Highway 1.

Any help is much appreciated
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I've heard AWESOME things about the HWY1, so make sure to get your hands on one asap. Also, check out the Classic Series. I got a 50's Classic tele for $700, which is within your price range, and it outplays every other tele I've ever held.
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id get the 72 if you want humbuckers, hwy 1 if you want singles. i have played both and they are both really really nice
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bumpage, any other inputs?
My metal is more br00t4lz than yours

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just a few more opinions...please?
My metal is more br00t4lz than yours

Squier Strat
ESP B-10 Bass
Peavey Backstage

plus are you sure the vj is the right amp for indie? a fender champion 600 or peavey valveking royal 8 might be better...
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Try em out, see how you like em all.

Highway Ones strike me as the real 'players guitar' with no frills, just straight playability. If you haven't tried it out yet, do so before you make your decision.
If your budget is short of an American Standard, I've heard great things about MIJ Tele's.
The Highway 1's are great guitars, but you could probably get a used American Standard if you saved just a bit more. But if you're really on a budget, Squier Classic Vibe Tele.
Baja or Highway One. Nothing else. Both are AWESOME.
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