ok so I was playing this guitar in a shop in town and figured it was used because theres dings in it and its scratched all over. only to be told that it is brand new out of the box. What do you guys think about this guitar? When I was playing it, it sounded and felt real good. It's selling for 599.99 and I don't know if it's worth buying for that price. It's the WSJ125 Model and they only made 250 of these guitars. Has anyone here played one? let me know your commments.
Well, it's a legitimate model...

And wow, a beautiful instrument as well!
My God, it's full of stars!
If 599.99 is the list price and the damage isn't meant to be there,i.e. a relic'd guitar,then I'd ask for a discount of some sort
"In celebration of 125 years of fine stringed instruments, Washburn introduces three masterful reproductions of guitars built in the late 1800s. These guitars have been skillfully "Antiqued" to resemble over 100 years of wear. These lovingly recreated versions of popular guitars have all the benefits of modern technology with all the romance and passion of another era."

^^^ From the Washburn website.
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And yes, it's the "real deal". Washburn has indeed been in the business for that long. My mom has a mandolin dated 1897. I've tried to get it from her a few times, but she won't part with it just yet. I want to try to get it reconditioned, but may decide against it and keep it as is, purely for sentimental reasons. It's a lute back. The back is made of strips about 1 inch wide, curved and joined together. I haven't counted them, but there's close to 30 pieces. Quite the cool little old instrument.