im bored and i dont know what song i wanna learn so do you guys know of any cool songs in drop d or Eb? im into led zeppelin, guns n roses, ac/dc, iron maiden, metallica, pink floyd, weezer and santana. prety much any rock from late 60-80s with some decent guitar work with a few exceptions.

im not that great id classify myself as beginner/intermediate
if you are beginner/intermediate, maybe you should try and tackle sweet child of mine, if you haven't yet. You probably won't get the third solo down, but the rest of the song should be pretty easy for you.
My Own Summer (Shove It) by the Deftones is pretty fun to play. It's in Drop D#.
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Drop D: Seize the Day (Avenged Sevenfold) you'd be able to do everything but the solo for sure, the solo will take you a little bit of time, but you'll probably learn a lot. It's in the November Rain style, so it's pretty close to GnR.

Eb: I Dissapear (Metallica) same deal as above. It's more hard rock-esque, but it's still deff Metallica. There are a few fast licks in the solo, but they're not to complex.

I'd rate these two a challenge for you, but they're not too bad.

Given Up (Linkin Park) Not exactly your style, but if you can palm mute, left hand mute and downpick, this won't be too hard. The breakdown has a little pinch harmonics, but those are just touching the string really, really lightly with your left hand. No biggie. Drop D.
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drop d: Shelf in the room by Days of the new is really fun to play, AIC has some good ones in drop d also.