A Momentary Good-bye: The Eternal Bond Of Libertine Love

With sinister smiles we lock passionate lips,
passionate for the lack of subtlety in the sway of our hips,
like a metronome to the beat of our hearts,
cold as the darkness we lie within
but frozen in a 4/4 time with each other that screams
grim arpeggios for our love.

Morphing melodies from our nightly endeavours
our ways have become more artistic than anything else.
But like wet paint, now we begin to drip and drift
due to fingers prodding at our work,
and abstracting our instruments
of beauty, taint, and sexual desire.

We are silenced in a clash of monotony…

So as I venture throughout a world lesser than you,
my darling devil of most unholy perfection,
I see a realm that does no less than disgust me…

And every time I looked over I thought of you,
and how much you would have enjoyed being annihilated
by this odious society that is better sedated
and left to die while you and I
teach sinners how to sin.

Even forbidden, babe, you know that we will win.