I changed my strings yesterday.

When I tuned up and started playing, I realized that my intonation was off. It's never happened before. I had to re-intonate my guitar, which took like 45 minutes (perfectionist of sorts).

So, Electric Guitar Forum, do you guys have to re-intonate every time you string up, or is it just me? What caused this?....???
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I re-intonate when I change string guage/brand. If I use the same strings as before, I don't.
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I re-intonate when I change string guage/brand. If I use the same strings as before, I don't.

Ditto - it's usually necessary when you change string gauges.
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I do it everytime I change strings just in case there is a small deviation of exact string diameter change. Usually it's not nessesary, but I've gotten to whener I can intonate every string in 10 minutes, so it's not too big a deal, plus, I prefer to err on the side of caution.


my guitar actually needs intonating but i'm too lazy to sort it out :P so i couldn't say if changing strings has ever made a difference. now that it's holidays, i might do a full joib on my guitar actually...
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i don't do it every time, but after a couple times it starts to annoy my ear. that's when i fix it.
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only if it's noticeably off, usually if it's only off by a few cents (and my SG is always off by a few cents on a couple strings anyway) I don't bother.
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Nope, not if it's the same strings. Check it once in awhile thought just to make sure.
it's tuning. easy enough to check often.

and depending on the bridge, neck relief, it'll move around on you when you take off all ur strings.

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