How do i record them? I can get them to make the sounds but I can't understand how to record it, somebody help

Im a noob at cubase and recording in general
what bit do you have a problem with?
setting up the mapping or exporting the drums with other audio?
Are you wanting to record in real time, because you'll need to use a MIDI controller for that. Otherwise, just use the MIDI map to draw in the sounds.
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I dont want to record in real time , I want to do it bit by bit so how do i do this?
step by step guide would be FAB!
Right, well this is just basic, but...

Create a new MIDI track by right clicking on the track display on the left hand side of the screen and choosing 'Create new MIDI track'. Then go to devices > vst instruments. Select the drum machine as one of the instruments. Then go back to the main screen, and click on the MIDI track. To the left, it should say MIDI output. Click on this and choose the drum machine as the MIDI output. Then click on the pencil tool and draw in however many bars of drums you want in the arrange section. Select the cursor tool, double click on the bar you drew, then the MIDI map/grid will appear. You can then draw in the drums you want using the pencil tool. The drums start with the kick drum on C1 I believe.

Sorry that was a little brief and rushed... any other questions about it, just ask if you're not sure.
There is poetry in despair.
what i like to do is use a much simpler program like reason and use the redrum plugin, i load my sampled kits in there draw my midi pattern or record thru midi keyboard and convert midi data to audio loop then once i have a bunch of raw patterns i load them into cubase and can tweak , eq, pitch shift etc... or just use reason as a rewire device in cubase
Also cubase is kind of an intermediate advanced program i'd recommend switching to ableton live (much simpler) and can produce the same exact quality of sound.
I find Ableton to be similar in difficulty to Cubase. IMO, it also has poorer MIDI capabilities. I really only like it for DJ'ing and the Live features. As a sequencer, I think it's below par. That's just me though.
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