I wanna play piano in a cover song for my band, 'coz i love playin piano.

so what are the best rock songs with piano parts not higher than grade 6?
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You could play Final Countdown

tried that, didnt work out
epic by faith no more?
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Try Counting Crows-Cowboys if you can find a tab

Just listening to that song now. It's well good, cheers man
you can arrange almost anything for piano, since it has a range that covers almost everything in western music, but I say rock some Jerry Lee Lewis, though I don't know what grade level that would be at because I'm not familiar with the British/whatever music education system, but a lot of his stuff is fairly difficult.
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Well, first off I have no ****ing clue what grade 6 is... so can't really help you there

but my band does covers of these songs with me on piano

Who am I- Casting Crowns
I want it that way- Backstreet Boys (well, we arranged the acoustic guitar for piano)
Clocks- Coldplay
The Riddle- Five for Fighting
Piano Man- Billy Joel
Don't Stop Believing- Journey
Come Sail Away- Styx
Well, anything Ben Folds. Song for the Dumped is always great at parties and bars...


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Sunburn, New Born or Apocalypse Please by Muse
Starlight's not a bad choice either.

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Hold the Line by Toto
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Feeling Good - MUSE.

i can play it...i AM on grade 8 tho... =S
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Seriously tho...... +1 on cowboys by counting crows....... They're unreal.... Gonna see them live in 10days!
Paradigm Shift by Liquid Tension Experiment would be pretty easy......
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