Hey! I'm looking for someone that could maybe tab out the electric guitar parts of an 18 minute Lufia II medley. It's an awesome song and I'd love to be able to play it, but my ears don't move that fast. The song borders along the line of Speed Metal/Neoclassical sound. Here is a link to a video with part of the song, if you're interested in tabbing it, let me know and I can send you the rest of it. The guitar part starts at 1:10 and goes 'till the end of the vid.

Thanks in advance,

Maxim's Legacy
Reviving the Lufia Fan in us all
No one's interested? Major Bummer! There's gotta be a couple Lufia fans out there who are up to the challenge!
Reviving the Lufia Fan in us all
=( Last call? T_T not one person? If you are interested, and already started tabbing it, I'd like to no via pm please! Or just post here.
Reviving the Lufia Fan in us all