Hey everybody. I'm a big fan of delay - particularly stereo delay where the delay effect alternates between left and right. I'm using a Boss DD20 currently. It's an OK delay, but it has a cold, digital edge to the sound. Anybody know of a good stereo analog delay that sounds great? Thanks,

The analog delays I have tried all have been mono. Which for me is fine as my rig is Mono. I have "heard" of a Arion stereo analog delay pedals - I think they are called SAD-3 nowadays. These seemed cheaply made of plastic, but they may be fine if treated with a little extra care.

I'm sure others (more familiar wuth delays than myself can chime in here.) BTW...I like my "cold-sounding" DD-20 Actually the DD20 is nice; but I would like to have a carbon copy (or some other analog delay) to use for more certain tunes. If I only had more $$$