This is a pure hard rock song for bands like Skid Row, Mötley Crüe, Hardcore Superstar. Sing it with attitude, kinda rapping it through.

Sold out to Rock n' Roll!

I’ve got a bottle of whiskey
To make the night better.
And I know it’s risky,
But I’ll mix ’em together

ya know for me it equals a night on the town,
’cause with booze n’ girls, I’ll have some fun
So I ride to a party at the playboy mansion
With my favorite bands like KoRn n Manson

Grabbing those shots of expensive tequila,
While trying to find my bloody hell deala’
So I get some weed and suck it from bong
Girls are dancing in their sexy lil’ thong..

I’ve got what they want,
They’ve got what I need
Everyone’s satisfied
Oh yes - indeed!

// I do need a chorus but can't seem to plant anything in it..

you’d better bring out your bottles,
’cause I’ve got nowhere to go.
Lets drink this boring night away
And sing the moon to sun.

If this works somehow, please let me know. I doubt though..
Rock n' roll, no control.
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sounds like Nickelback's "Rockstar"--that is, manufactured and rather insincere.
I owe a ton of people critiques.

If you're one of them, please PM me.

I have trouble keeping track.
Just so you know the part where it goes "iv got what i want, i got what i need" Is basically the same lyrics to a airbourne song i just listened too which is "iv got what you want, iv got what you need, so get your ass out here and let your ears bleed" and like the other guy its alot like Rockstar- nickelback well come parts
Quote by Fly, Marlowe
sounds like Nickelback's "Rockstar"--that is, manufactured and rather insincere.

There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
The airbourne thing.. never heard them and it's not that big of a similarity.

But yea, now the nickelback's buggin me as well..
Though it's supposed to be insincere, not too much of me in it but oh well..
Rock n' roll, no control.