I am interested in the Divinity II, but don't know anyone that has one. If someone could write a review, or give me their opinion of it, I would appreciate it.
From what I've heard (mainly on Aghora's second album) they're pretty good, got nice crunchy rhythm tones and really good cleans for a 'metal' amp and some really nice smooth lead sounds, especially on the neck pup.
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I havent tested them. Have seen a few decent clips though. But i think people have mixed opinions on them... I've heard bad reviews and good reviews.

Whats funny is every time i look at my amp i think of a madison. Its the same layout and color scheme as the Ultra and both logos light up red as well...
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Try scoring a used one if you must have it. I bet anything that the resale value on those amps are pretty turdtastic.
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The Madison's sound great, but from what I understand they are chinese copies of Marshall's with cheaper parts....
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The Divinity is an almost direct copy of a Marshall TSL with even worse parts. They are heavier sounding, but reliability wise, I wouldn't really trust one.

Used, they may be worth the price though. I see a few every once and a while on CL for $600 or so.
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