Which one would UG recomend ? i play a lot of queens of the stone age, foo fighters and what not.
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I'd try to play both if you could, although with the agile I guess that presents a problem.
The thing is you can try the Jag before you buy and with the Agile I heard the under 2500 or 3000 series is not so great. But God damn has anyone seen the Agile 3100 in Silverburst? lol.
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Really two different things there, I believe the Jagmaster has a basswood body so depending on the quality Squier did it could be a decent quality of basswood and have a neutral tone or it could be the ****ty type of basswood and well thats self-explanatory. The AL-2000 is Mahogany so it's obviously going to be a bit darker and warmer (though I agree, really you shouldn't buy an Agile LP unless it's 3000+ because if not you're not getting the most value for your dollar).

As for pick-ups, Duncan Designed leave a lot to be desired and if I were to guess the ones on the Jagmaster are modeled after probably a hot-rod set (JB and Jazz) or possibly a '59 set, so it could be a bit on the high end but still very lackluster compared to the actual Seymour Duncan pick-ups. Agile's pick-ups are subjective, the pups on the 3000+ models sound close to Gibson Burstbucker Pros IMO from samples I've heard and the comparisons I've seen but I haven't heard a good sample of the 2000s outside of Agile's forum to really get a good feel on them. They could definitely be decent for the price though.
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I dunno about a 2000, never played one. I happen to own a 2500 though, and everyone going on about how anything below 3000 = crap is wrong.

Mine's a great value, IMO. I took it to a local shop and compared it with the Epiphones in it's price range and it blew them out of the water. The only thing that topped the 2500 was the custom. The Standard came close, but IMO, no cigar.

As I said, I've never played a 2000, and I don't like to base my opinions on hearsay, but if the 2500 is anything to go by, I say the 2000 can't be that bad.

[/my 2 cents.]
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Thanks guys. So far I'm leaning towards the Jagmaster. But does my amp matter that much? If it does it's a Fender FM 212 DSP.
I like the Jagmaster

but Ibanez Jtk2's are down to 250 some places
so I'd look for those

you can't go wrong with the mahogany tone
and you probably will never end up using the cheap tremolo on the jagmaster
so yeah.
I don't even shred
Well im gonna change my amp eventually just not soon. And man oh man that Ibanez looks good. I basically ruled out the Agile so its between the JTK2 and the jagmaster