I've just added two pedals to my meagre setup - a Digitech PDS 1002 running from an adapter, and a small clone, to the existing DS1 and TU-2 tuner.

But playing through this setup, I swear my volume level was way too low, and everything seemed a little too muted. Could this just be my imagination? If not, is there anything I could do about it? More expensive patch cables? Run everything from an adapter?

Thanks for any advice!
Since you have pedals running off of batteries, that's the first place I'd check. Make sure all your batteries are still sufficiently charged.

Other than that, disconnect each pedal individually from your setup and narrow it down to see which one is causing the volume drop.
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Yeh, I made sure to use fresh batteries for everything. Once I find the culprit, what would be the best fix? I'm already having to take the drop in volume in the DS1 into account.
that's why God invented true bypass.

you could always buy a looper pedal
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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that's why God invented true bypass.
...and effects loops.
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your imagination?

dude take your cord out of the first pedal and go straight into the amp to see if it is lower or not, lol??

if it is, then you seek help.. but your asking a question for something you don't even know is correct and you could easily find out.