Posted this a while back, got around to editing the pitch and adding vocals now, tell me what you think, C4C obviously. Song's on my profile called "Oblation to Appease Menthu" thanks guys
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That is pretty damn wild dude.
You've got that insane hummingbird-right hand picking style down.
Loved the changes & riffs...that style of vocals is not really my thing...but that's just because I'm old. LOL
Definitely brutal & brutally tight. Nice!

yeah thats pretty insane, reminds me of Cannibal corpse and morbid angel. can you say how you recorded the drums? are the virtual drums?
Intense! I'm not a death metaller by any stretch but your playing is great. Nice job! Real drums?
Nice work man

I'm not the biggest fan of death metal (melodic death is the closest i get) but i enjoyed this.
Is that you singing? If it is then that's pretty good (especially considering your age)

I didn't really like the solo that much. Maybe that's just me (Like i said i don't like to much death metal) Although the outro solo bit seemed to fit pretty well.

Overall: Hmm i cant realy decide. 8 out of ten.
As someone that listens to alot of death metal, and tech death, its really easy to say what a great job you've done on this track, alot of your playing reminded me of a mix between Nile's brutality and Bloodbaths catchy-ness, yet everything was still original! The drum work was also stellar. Anyways keep working man!
Thanks for all the feedback guys, I'll try and cover all the questions in this post, so first off, quite a few people not liking the solo, it was a 1 take deal, and I messed up the timing quite a bit, but had no time to change it.

Yes, the drums are real, the drummer Sion is an insanley talented musician, and is only 16, so I'm trying to hold on to him to make a band lol. The drums were recorded using mics, one on the snare, one on the bass drum, one on the hihat, and 2 over-head.

The vocals are me, as I said, I added them in later, using Audacity and a cheap microphone on my laptop, so the quality isn't great, and I've only been attempting real growls for about a week, so they should improve in the next few demos we make over the summer, and yeah, 'considering my age' is 16, it's not a bad growl.

And yeah, Nile and Bloodbath have a large influence on my work, Nile in particular, the next song we're going to record has a long Egyptian-style Nileish intro, that'll be up in the next month hopefully. And originality is always a good thing, thanks

By the way, I changed the name now, to "Oblation to Appease Menthu", I think it's a better name.

Keep the crits coming, and C4C ofcourse, thanks guys
Hi there, again. Thanks for the crit!

This was fun to listen to. The tone of both the rhythm and the lead were pretty cool. I liked the background sounds too. I wasn't sure if it was a keyboard or guitar, but it sounded pretty darn evil! LOL Very good job on this one. The only thing I wasn't fond of was the growling. I'm not a fan of that kind of singing. So I really can't crit it at all. But I will say that I can't understand a word your saying! LOL That doesn't mean it's bad though. Those who like that kind of singing may thinks it's awesome.

very good. kinda Behemoth-esque in places. I really like the riff around 1:15, and the solo is pretty fecking good for an improv. one thing that could do with being cleaned up is the production, unless you're going for that kvlt kinda feel :p
Very good, a solid death metal song. Reminded me a bit of some black metal bands, Behemoth, Hate Eternal, and some other death metal bands. Nice tremolo picked riffs, the break was nice too. Vocals sound good, but they're perhaps a bit too loud and they could maybe use some reverb. Solid riffs, the solo was a bit sloppy though, it didn't really flow if you know what I mean. Overall it was, as I already stated, very good.
A solid 8.5/10

Crit my groovy death metal song in return?
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I'm not really into the death metal thing. Your playing is very well executed though and the drumming is fantastic (though I don't really like blast beats). Can't quite make out what you're saying.

The riff @ 1:12 is awesome, nice outro too. Your playing skill definitely surpasses mine, keep up the good work!
Great song man. I love it.

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