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i wear them all night long baby
17 17%
i wear them temporarily, before i take them off
15 15%
i take them off BEFORE i get into bed
71 69%
Voters: 103.
do you wear your socks to bed?

i personally wear them untill my feet get warm enough, so they can be removed
I always take mine off before I get in.

Except on Sunday when I was embarrassed that my girlfriend might see/feel my horrific uncut toenails, so I had to wait for her to go to sleep.
I can't sleep without socks

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i only put on socks on if shoes go on afterwards. I hate the feeling of just sock.
I can't wear shirts to bed either, just boxers. Maybe some knit shorts if its too cold out.
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I only wear socks in the winter. I tuck my legs inside and form a little pouch, so it stays warm.
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Socks in bed?

That's like sex with clothes.
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Nah it makes your feet all sweaty.
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I sleep in the nude
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I wear them only when I get hangnails, so they dont rub up against the blankets
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I don't really keep track of it. Sometimes I wear them when I sleep, sometimes I don't.
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just boxers unless i'm too tired to take anything other than my shoes off
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I used to wear them all the time in bed, but it's a horrible habit. Besides the fact your feet get sweaty and smelly during the night, when someone touches you with them it's just WEIRD!!
And along with that, it's just rude, bad bedtime etiquette
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I can't sleep with socks on. Unless I am drunk of course.
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