Hey guys, first post here so be nice, i used to play my guitar ALOT but have left it for a year or so and want something to respark the magic i used to get from playing it. I enjoy playing rock but also like blues/jazz so would like a guitar that fits into these fields, i should probably say i dislike les pauls
Thank you
lol check my last sentence where i say, i dont like les pauls :P i wanna go for a hendrix tone with a bit more gain
An American HSS would be good, but if you don't mind buying second hand, then look for an Eric Clapton strat. It's beautifully made, and it had the 25db boost, and around 6-7 then its got a really nice thick Hendrix tone.
Has anyone asked what amp he has?

If not, what amp have you got TS?

EDIT: damn.

seeing as you have a spider, a new amp might be in order instead of a guitar
IF you just want an amp for bedroom practice Roland Cubes are modellers, like the spider, but they are vastly superior, IMO. Or maybe a Valveking, which i think is under $700
i'd probably get a blade fat strat (or normal strat) copy (they're around the £400 mark, i think) and then spend £300 on a new amp (laney vc30?). EDIT: how heavy rock?
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