Bought a new sx p and j bass even though everyone on here recommended against sx basses. So far, it looks and feels great. If you look closely on the alder body it seems like they used some of the wood with tiny knots in it (it's not painted, just polyurethane coated) but I can live with that. The pickguard is not perfectly even against the plate with the knobs on it. Again, I can live with that.

The thing that I'm having trouble with is the really ****ty factory set up. I set up my own lp copy from the same company, and it wasn't nearly this bad. I adjusted the truss rod the same way I'd adjust my guitar, so the e string is a hair above fret 7 when i hold frets 1 and 14. Then i started lowering the bridge. I lowered the e string to a point where it rubs on the lower jazz pickup. Kind of ridiculous that its rubbing the pickups before the frets. Anyways, I did NOT have to lower / raise the pickups on my lp copy, and i am sort of frightened of this. Besides the fact that a couple screws are just about stripped (jesus) I am afraid that I am going to throw off the balance between the pickups? Or the evenness? Can anyone describe or link to a guide that details how to correctly lower and raise pickups? Thanks.

I have a feeling once i get through the set up i will have a most lovely beginner bass.

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It's a simple job lowering pickups, but I'm sure you know how to do that already
As for evenness in the pickup volume, they're most likely not even as it is, mine wasn't, but just lower the pickups, and test them out for evenness. It's the only way to be certain.

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