My used 2002 Fender Mexi Strat HSS.

I have played hundreds of strats... but this obviously the first time i have owned one. I can care for my epi fine, it is a simpler guitar imo.

It has a one piece maple neck so no problems there.

Tuners works fine.

Pickup magnets are a little dirty, so any suggestions on how to clean them?

Bridge floats a little to high for my preference... I like it when the bridge is even to the guitar... I pretty sure i can do that my self... but any advice is accepted happily.

The Saddles are a little dirty... suggestions? also the saddles are a little crooked but easily fixed unless they are bent when i take them off...

and last but not least the very occasional fret buzz on the 15th fret g string a sharp... any suggestions?

also any long time strat users any advice for keeping her singing for many years would be appreciated.

thanks a ton.

now im going to go play

take it to a shop itll cost you like 50 bucks
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Yeah, take it to your local shop. Have them set it up, clean etc. May only be around $30. Bring your own strings so you don't get the "friends" discount on restringing.
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looks great, grats on the new guitar!

How do you like the maple neck? I'm thinking of getting a strat with one, lemme know how it works out for you.
Used 250$ at Guitar Center

And I love it so far... much better than my epi which is rosewood fretboard... so far a 10/10 on the one piece maple neck