Does anyone else find their design intriguing? I was always envious of the rounded back. Unfortunately, good Ovations cost a ****load of money and I don't have any thing close to a ****load... I have ****...

I want an Ovation!!
they sound good, but i hate the rounded back. when i try and play one standing up, it always seems to slide so that the sound hole is pointing up at an angle.
Yeah,I love them.
I nearly got a brand new 12 string for £450 down from £700 from the local music shop-it had some lacquer crazing or something from a show we went to with it.

I had to spring for some other,more important things.

I regret it to this day
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They sound bad and play even worse. Find another guitar to lust after.

seriously .. i sold my ovation the first opportunity i got ..
take it easy man .. its just a thread
they play alright. they sound horrible unplugged, but decent plugged in. why would i buy an ovation when i can buy something that sounds good plugged and unplugged, plays well, and doesnt look like a cereal bowl?
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I like the design of Ovation [no sound whole but those leaves thing]. It makes it interesting. I think it would do better as a wall decoration though. xD
I like my Ovation, but it has a tendency to slip off my leg because of the round back. So I start leaning forward with out realizing it until I am almost a falling out of my chair.

As for the sound, I like it, but you really need some nice phosphor-bronze strings to balance it out.
i used to want one really badly with the many little sound holes in the corners.
i thought that was sick.
when i played it, i thought it sounded great!
but now that i think of it, YUCK