Hey guys, been on the forum for a while I just never post a lot. I work at a guitar store in Houston, TX and I was asked an interesting question today and, unfortunately, I didn't have a straight answer. Is there a guitar company that makes bigger sized guitars for bigger people? Like the idea of Buckethead's Les Paul and V's but minus the custom shop price. Any input would be great.... thanks!
Buckethead's guitars aren't bigger at all, what on earth are you on about?
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I've seen a local blues guy using an enormous Gibson archtop, it was a weird guitar. though, really skinny and wide.
Do you mean 27" scales? I'm pretty sure that's what Buckethead uses. I think some custom shops give you the option of scale length. But maybe you mean even larger than that?

Of course, you could always build one yourself.

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Buckethead's custom guitars have an oversized body, because he claimed that regular guitars looked like toys in his hands. But I believe the necks are standard lengths.
More like overall bigger size. The guy wants something with a larger body, neck, and wider fretboard. I already mentioned a baritone to him but I myself have never played a baritone before so I'm not exactly sure what the neck and fretboard are like.

BTW I appreciate the few who clarified on what I said about Buckethead's guitar. Honestly though, if you don't have anything useful to say as far as the original topic goes to this thread than please don't bother making yourself look like a jackass about whether what I said was true or not and wasting my time. Thanks.
Hollowbody Gibsons can be pretty big. My ES135 is a great fit, and i'm a big guy.
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