I got given this guitar when i was younger. I have no idea what it is as there are no markings to say. I've always wondered about the guitar...

Here are some pictures:

Also, of what markings there are, on the back plate (which is unfortunetly too blurry to see in the photo) it says "Made in Japan"

And on the circular metal sticker on the neck it says "Model" and "Serial" however, neither of which can be read as they've rubbed off.

Anyone have any idea what this might be?
Looks like a guitar. An electric one.

On topic, that's gonna be near impossible to trace unless someone recognizes the exact shape
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You better put some strings on before that neck bends. And Since it doesnt even have markings on the headstock, I'm guessing it's one of those no-brand 80$ guitars (not that there's anything wrong with these as a starter)
OMG man i got almost the exact ame guitar the body is just a little bit different but everything else is the same, unfortunatley i dont know what mine is either but if u finds out pm me because i would like to know what mine is too
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yeah it would be interesting to find out because m stuck on this one. and i agree with stonykid put some strings on it or the neck will get all crazy.
I took the strings off to clean it like just now. Unfortunetly i don't have any spare but i'll get some asap.

Thanks for the speedy replys.
Put the old ones on just roughly, the bending starts within like a week and gets real severe after a month.(what i hear)
Strings back are on by popular demand

Whether it's a cheap ass guitar or not, i absolutely love the sound this thing makes.
I love how every time someone posts a no-name strat-style guitar, everyone's always "OOH! IT'S A TEISCO!"

Just bothers me...

Anyway... I've seen hundreds of Teiscos, and actually own two. This looks like one that I've seen before, but they had literally a ton of stat-style guitars. If it's not a Teisco, then it's definitely an old Jap-strat copy.
I have one like yours, except its a Strat style similar to fender single coil guitars. It has one creme coloured pickup...19 frets..no markings.
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Quote by _Tim_
90% sure it's a Teisco


a lot of the guitars in the 60s and 70s looked similar.

looks way different. i bet it's just a bootleg strat copy from japan
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Quote by apak
looks way different. i bet it's just a bootleg strat copy from japan

True, that model looks competely different from the model in question. However, Teisco made a few models that look dead up like this one.

TS, can you tell if something was once glued onto the head stock? You see, Teisco used to just glue these little plastic crowns onto their headstocks. Years later, they fall off, people like you and me get a hold of them, and we've got nothing to go by on brand name. One of mine actually still has the little crown emblem on it, thankfully. Really helped in identifying the other one.

I'm going to go ahead and say it's a Teisco. By the description of where it says Model Number and Serial Number, it sounds a lot like where it says the same thing on my ET-200. Not to mention it looks dead up like one.

Looking forward to someone proving me wrong.
Quote by Dizeaz2112
TS, can you tell if something was once glued onto the head stock?

Where abouts?
I once saw the same shape and same pickguard on a Satellite guitar. Someone was selling it on ebay.
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I had almost that EXACT guitar as my first electric (25+ years ago!!!), except mine had 3 pickups. It's a Harmony... sorry, I don't know the model #.

As a side note, mine was 'rescued' from somone's trash. It was thrown out because part of the bridge and the tremelo arm were missing. My father and I fashioned a new bridge out of an old brass tube & I rocked that thing
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It looks like a 70's Teisco.

ding ding ding we have a winner.

it is a teisco del ray

to the guy saying harmony, harmony guitars had a different headstock shape
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i have no idea about the make of this guitar, but i will tell you one thing about it: the nut looks like it needs replacing or the grooves made shallower.
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Any ideas on what it'd be worth?

And anyone want it? Or wanna trade for something?

Might take it down to a guitar shop and see if they'll have it.

It's not so battered, just pretty dirty and could do with a clean up.

Also the knobs don't really do what they're suppose to... Think it needs rewiring. The volume knob acts as a tone knob, and the other ones kinda change the tone but i'm not so sure. One of the little bars you move across acts as a volume switch (lol) and the other changes tone.

P.s. sorry if i shouldn't be posting about buying/selling in here. It's the wrong section i know! ><
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It's not worth much. Maybe 100 for it. You should just keep it.

I don't really play guitar anymore. Don't have the time or the motivation. Selling off loads of bits and pieces. I just had no idea about this guitar.

Though that said, i would exchange it for an effects pedal of some kind as i will still have 1 guitar and a practise amp just for when i'm bored/people come over my house.
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Quote by apak
looks way different. i bet it's just a bootleg strat copy from japan

It was the closest match on the site
Quote by grungeisdeaduk
it looks like an old hagstrom

No, it's not a Hagström. But in some way it remind me of one, mostly because of how the strap buttons are placed I think. The body-style is not really that close to a Hagström.
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I'd buy it if I had any money to spare... I love vintage guitars.
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I'd say keep it. It's probably pretty worthless, but it's a really cool thing to own.

Yeah it's been hanging on my wall for ages because it's so pretty

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Do it up as a project, and ebay it. Or just ebay it like that. There's loads on there...
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