What do you have your volume knob settings on?

I like the tone when its maxed out, but it seems like the pickups are way too sensitive and even play the sound of my fingers moving across the strings.
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i have both volume and tone on maximum.. if tone`s down its just sounds dull and powerless
on a strat i have Vol:10 Tone1:7 tone 2:5
on my schecter i have everything at 10
and on my jackson i have Vol:10 Tone:5
depends, usually the tone at about 7 or 8, volume at 2 or 3 for rhythm and full for lead.
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It depends. With my previous amp it always got too sharp at elevated volume so I'd keep both the tone and volume at about 7, then for leads would turn the volume up max for a bit of a boost.

With my new amp I just max it all.
I keep volume at full and tone where I feel it should go. That usually changed every time I play.
All Maxed
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I always have my tone on.... I never use it. Volume is like midway but I adjust it if it gets too loud or soft.
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