I have a Crafter Twin birds bubuinga sides / back and neck and spruce top its one of the nicest sounding acoustics Ive played... Oh and the preamp is very good on both of the ml and tb series sounds just as good plugged as it does not plugged. I think the newer ones have a built in tuner too I play mine through a Fender Blues Deluxe sounds very sweet

Its the TB-Bubuinga on that page..

I sold it to fund a new acoustic.. but ended up buying it back after playing alot of acoustics (got bent over buying it back too cost me 2x as much as I sold it for )

Overall quality from crafter is quite good I've never played a bad acoustic from them though some of the cheaper electrics are ropey
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I haven't played a lot of Crafters, but the couple I have played I was not impressed with. Did not see good workmanship and the sound was just not something I enjoyed. That being said, those could have just been flukes and the rest are good, but for my vote, I'm not a fan.
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My friend has a $500 crafter. It was an alright guitar. Nothing special. Probably not worth the money for what else she could have gotten for $500 though.
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crafters are really great if you ask me i dont know why there overlooked most of the time. maybe because there not in the big stores like GC or SAM ASH.
and dont let diffrent tonewoods be the judge of what you buy a good sounding acoustic is a good sounding acoustic no matter what wood is used.