Heres a list for Noobs (Which I am still) of tools I find mandatory for rewiring guitars. These are just what I have and use almost every time, if you can think of any, post them, I may look into getting them.

1) Wire Strippers
2) Wire Cutters
3) Needle Nose Pliers
4) 1/4" Socket Set
5) Regular Pliers
6) 40W Soldering Iron
7) 60/40 Rosin Core Solder
8) Plenty of 20g wiring, I keep 2 colors
9) Small Vise
10) Multimeter

Thats what I use, about every time I rewire. I have only done about 10 guitars, but I feel I know enough to know some fairly mandatory tools. As I said earlier, pitch in and post what you use.
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