Is anybody going to be able to make it big in a couple years and have huge tours?

There's so many bands now and with gas prices going up and up, will people still be able to make it big?

And the internet...
Everybody downloading music from bands.

What do you think?
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I think theres a need for a big break through band, nevermind will they make money or not there's only a few good new bands around at the moment nothing special
there's plenty of GREAT bands out. you just gotta look outside of what is mainstream.

But honestly, you whole world is going down.
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I think not because people still go to shows and THE MAJOR REASON is because ppl are starting to talk about internet being more expensive so ppl will have to pay to go on certain sites or servers, if that happens, this will be the end of programs like Limewire or Soulseek. And if that happens, ppl will start to buy cd's again so the music industry will be at it's top.
Yeah, the downloading thing is a big problem for bands. Thats kinda how they make their money, that and shows, so now it looks like all their income will mostly be from shows, and whats the point really if it doesnt even bring in what it use to.
There's always going to be people who would rather see bands live than see them play live on their computer.
Hopefully, some of the less "driven" bands will stop clogging up the stages and some of the amazing bands that never get a chance because they didn't know the promoter like the other band that ended up taking their spot and ended up getting booed off the stage...
I'm a little bitter still, sorry.

Like I said though, it could help bands that never got a chance because of luck if they want it bad enough to shell out the money.
Just wait 'til Chinese Democracy, or AC/DC's new album.

I'm hoping Buckethead will get crazy huge someday but that's very unlikely.
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Just wait 'til Chinese Democracy, or AC/DC's new album.

I'm hoping Buckethead will get crazy huge someday but that's very unlikely.

I cannot wait until the Chinese Democracy comes out, it's going to be insane.
As well as AC/DC

As for Buckethead.
I think you're right, unfortunately, I guess there's never going to be a HUGE fanbase for Buckethead, but what he's got now is probably still pretty great.

Thanks for everyones input btw.
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Some bands have to cancel tour just because of gas prices... so it's not looking good.
Downloading isn't a problem for bands. They make money from shows and merchandise ( unless they are Fugazi ). Lars Ulrich is just a bitch.
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What do you mean by "big"? Because if you look at bands like My Morning Jacket, the Hold Steady, and Yo La Tengo, none of who are of Zeppelin or Nirvana popularity, they are doing just fine financially. Despite their lack of enormous popularity, they all have a growing and very loyal fan base who will buy their music and go to their shows.
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music downloading doesn't hurt bands that much. A lot of the bands making a big deal about all that are just greedy. A cd will run you $20 on average and you can play it over oand over again, copy it, share it, burn it, and give it away but a ticket to a concert (depending on the band and venue) can cost any where from 10 bucks to 100 for ONE performance that you may be able to record a little of or take pictures but I see those as teasers to get ppl to go to shows. Gas, as aforementioned, is a huge problem. Really prolly the main one when it comes to touring but ticket prices and merch are the main income for bands, not cds.