This is my band Eyes on the Horizon.

We play a type of instrumental progressive rock and we just got a new song up
(the one that says "NEW" on it )

Although we have 4 songs on our myspace,
the bottom two are old and will be deleted soon just because they are not representative of our current style at all so download them while you can

The recording quality isn't the best but it definitely works and when we get a few more songs we plan on getting some pro - quality recordings done.

Let me know what you think.


The voices are not really meant to be understood.

They are just there to make things pretty.
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i cant understand what the guy is saying, and he talks for too long, it gets annoying.

besides that the instruments sound pretty nice.
haha sorry the voices are not supposed to be understood.

He is reading from an astronomy book that I have called "The Individual and the Universe" so it really has no significance at all to the song.

It is really just there for some pretentious fluff.