I have been looking mostly at dunlops. But a lot seem to like schaller. Which of these is better, or is there much difference? Also, is there some other brand that is better?
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make your own two washers 1 bid plastic(bottle ca size)and a smaller steel one to keep the screw from pulling through the larger one.
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i bought some hennesy ones form a local sam ash, try out some of those, ive been whipping my guitar around and no problems yet
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i dropped my bass about a month ago so i went out and got the dunlop ones for $40.bit expensive but they do the job.don't make em yourself though!
1st question: is there something about the schallers im not seing? They look like they just have a horseshoe shape that goes under the button.

2nd: are the hennesseys low profile enuff to fit in to case easily?

3rd: how are the ernie balls?
answer to first question: durability and reliability.
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nothing is good. strap locks will **** up your wood and the hole the button is screwed onto.
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i dropped my bass about a month ago so i went out and got the dunlop ones for $40.bit expensive but they do the job.don't make em yourself though!

wtf.... i could swear i bought mine for 15 bucks.

i have the dunlop in my sg and the schaller in my les paul. their both really good. as for the wood you don't have to worry about damaging the guitar. personally i perfer the schaller cause the dunlop uses 3 tiny balls for locking, while the schaller uses saddles. but both of them have reliability. i guess the only difference would be price.
I prefer Dunlops. They are harder to put together and imo, don't latch quite as well, but they are MUCH MUCH MUCH less likely to strip out your strap hole due to the screw being longer and having coarser threads compared to the Schallers mounting screw. That said, I've never had Dunlops fail when I put them on right.