ok, i'm looking to build up my pedalboard so here it goes.

i have a digidelay and Vox wah i have room for 3 more on imaginary board not including the power. so what other types of effects should i get?

i'm trying to get a small clone used, but have yet to find success. so a chorus and what other 2 should i get?
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Overdrive or Equalizer and a floor tuner

more specifically an ibanez/maxon tubescreamer and a mxr 10 band eq
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fuzz.... *hint hint*.

and get a small clone they're amazing
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OD & flanger. What do you play BTW?
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It would help to know what you want to play/sound like -

without that, my preference would be fuzz, envelope filter, or something like an envelope controlled volume effect, mostly because I want one.

Chorus is probably small clone.
for a chorus would an ice box work? i think i've found a used one that i can get. and also i don't think i need an OD, i don't see a use for it since i like the VK's dist.

i play bloc party, lots of RHCP, weezer, kings of leon. stuff like that. i never use much dist really.
so how bout this for a pedalboard

Delay: Digidelay
Chorus: Small Clone
Phase: MXR phase 90
Fuzz: Big Muff Pi
Wah: Vox 847