ok so i recently got the seymour duncan dave mustaine pickups, and i went to my local shop to get an estimate on how much it would cost to get installed. they were charging me 95 bucks for it (including a new switch)

is this how much its supposed to cost or are they trying to rip me off?
Do it yourself. Thats about right for what they charge, or you could buy a switch and do it yourself for under $1 (Not including switch)
That's...odd. Usually pickups go everywhere (except if they are SC or p90s going into humbucker). I'd give it a try at first, looking well into the diagrams, and if you can't, then definitely send it to a pro. $95 sounds like a lot for me, the guy who did it for me charged $20 for 3 pups and even installed a switch for turning on the neck pup.