Ok, I was searching but no thread like this found, sorry if it's a double one . Anyhow, I've been googling for hours and can't find a suitable guitar program. My friend had one but he lost it (yay), so I was wondering if any of you know a great guitar learning program, I'm like intermediate when it comes down to playing, so nothing special, but I've seen ALOT of excercises and basic music theory in my friends program, wish I remembered the name heh. So if any suggestion I would be grateful
If by program you mean a practice routine, I belive Justin guitar (www.justinguitar.com) has some basic outlines you can follow.

If by program you mean computer program, there is the eMedia series of programs that are pretty good.
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Guitar Pro? or something that actually has lessons or whatever?

naaa, have the guitar pro, serves well, but was thinking of a program with great excercises and stuff, looking for it still

thanks tho
I've tried a couple of the eMedia programs. I liked them. I also purchased the Metal Method dvd's. I really like those. I'm on the 4th disc so far.