well today my dog has been acting funny. for starters, he was dead asleep on the couch when all of a sudden he leaps up and starts barking and growling at the ceiling. and hes doing it again now actually. plus he threw up on the floor about an hour ago, and when i was cleaning it up i noticed he had eaten some sort of seeds. (sorry for the gross details). is it possible for a dog to have a psychoactive reaction like that? i mean, they have different responses to chocolate and grapes than we do, so its possible, right?

or is my dog just insane?
I must ask...

Did you give your dog your drugs?
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Morning glories?
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Acting weird =/= Hallucinations

Maybe ate something weird though.

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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
Is it having any kind of seizures? It could be Distibular Syndrome. (I think that's what it's called) My dog has it. She's like 13 years old and has some moments like that.
Haha! Best thread title evar. It might be possible I suppose. Make sure that you watch what he eats and drinks in the next few days.
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Did your dog promise you drugs but smoked it up himself?

I must ask...

My cat was about to spark a joint once but I asked him to wait while I went to the shops quickly. When I got back he'd smoked it and gone for a walk, I found him rotting in a Central American Prison camp a month later.
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i think that about cats sometimes

maybe they are always hallucinating :|

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No matter WHAT the pretty unicorn tells you, giving your dog LSD is NOT alright under any circumstance.

He must be trippin' balls right now. 'Shawg guy! The Roof's trying to squish me! That bastard.'
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My dogs been also acting weird lately, he barks at everything, runs all the time and he is usually really lazy. poor guy. he also ate a snail ant shat it out as whole :|

Ur dog will be fine.
did you feed your dog morning glory seeds?

dont do that!
In all seriousness you're dog is probably suffering from some sort of dementure (spelling?).
I had some old ass dog that did that sorta thing, then she started taking dumps in the kitchen and stuff...

we had her put down in the end
But she was like 16 which is pretty acient for a dog
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Don't worry, your dog isn't crazy, he's probably just reacting to the malicious spirits that are constantly trying to murder you.
Probably nothing, my dog barks at lights and pretty much everything throws up once every few months eats it if you dont clean it up fast runs up the side of the tree repititively,and runs in circles.

Also alot of the freaking out at nothing and bad dreams.
Dogs will freak out if they have bad dreams.
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your dogs having dreams about what he wants to do to that little poodle down the street, the perv.
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You house is hanted and your Dog can see the Sprits. I would call Dan Akroyd if I where you.

Who ya gonna call?
Your dog is Schizo

Give him some Thorazine quick
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hawaiian baby woodrose? or morning glories?
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I have seen a dog eating the rest of a cake of marihuana.. when we realised, lol he was like idk, "high" i coudln't descript it, but some minutes after the dog started to throw up a lot ehhhhehehe
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