Hey guys i would like some ideas for helping my friend finding her first starter guitar. She listens to mostly Country with a few pop rock songs [move along-AAR, Good Riddance-Green Day] but mostly country [sugarland, kenny chesney, etc]. And we were talking and i said you can get a Cheap Guitar but it can have a lot of good quality to it. I only said that because of my Squier Affinity Fat Strat, cheap but great.

I already gave her some ideas. I suggested Ibanez Ik Ibanez is mostly known for its metal ready electric guitars but they have quality so i thought i'd suggest that.

I also suggested Epiphone, epiphone has been around for years and they're acoustics dont look too bad. Maybe for intermeidate players though?

But some more brands would be great. She'll prolly just be strumming for the most part of it w. MAYBE some fingerpicking. But im gonna assume it'll be mostly strumming.

ALSO, i think i'll suggest one electric guitar,just to give her options. and Since im thinking country...Would a Squier Telecaster work[for that country twang right?]? U usually see telecasters in country [but not all country]

I really want to give her a quality instrument but not have her pay a lot of money.
Thx a lot guys!
squire strat

yamaha acoustic

both reasonably priced
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I think a tele would work great or maybe some sort of an acoustic guitar.
bro ill tell you right now for a new guitar my best bet is seriously washburn, their really cheap, thats my first guitar and i still use/love it, however i just looked and couldnt find and cheap ones, try the fender knock offs, work-able

or lyon the washburn knockoffs

i feel its got a great selection of pickups, i love EVERY type of music so having hum-single-hum pickups are awesome

from clean rock to metal to jazz/blues its great

but if shes wanting just an acoustic, im not sure, i have a acoustic i just picked up from a pawn shop for 60$, a great quality yamaha

just make sure you get her steel strings, yeah i like nylon but if shes a country freak she'll want that really cool tone from steel acoustics
Check out the Yamaha FG700S, a very nice acoustic guitar for the price thats about $200. Not sure what your budget is though, hope that falls within it.
cant go wrong with a squier but many people, such as myself, started with an acoustic, which really isnt a bad idea.
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