This is probably the wrong place for it, but.......

On the 4th fret bar under my high E, there is a little sharp nick thing that catches the string when i bend it, or play it.

Is it an easy fix? Should I bring it to the shop, or should I try to sand it down myself???


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I have that on an old 1983 iBanez. Fortunately, it isn't so bad that I cn't bend. It doesn't interfere. It's on every bar, every string.
you can prolly file it down yourself
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you can play it and bend it over and over again and the strings will "sand" the fret and make it right

mide had a dent on the 6th fret, i did that now there is still a visual dent but no problems bending strings over it lol
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When this happened to me, I used to sand the fret a bit, only because I wanted to solve the problem quickly. Bending the string over the fret many times will do the same thing, as well as polishing it up.