Ok, i just won the item for $400 with priority shipping with insurance which is an excellent deal. I tried the guitar in guitar center and fell in love. This is the guitar http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Breedlove-Atlas-Series-AD25SM-AcousticElectric-Guitar?sku=512404

But, i have a few questions. The back and front are solid tops, but the sides are laminated. Will the sound of the guitar still age well? I also heard that there will be problems in the future with the action. I'm about to pay for the item, but I'm still deciding. If you own the guitar, please give me your opinion. Thank you.
I have the AD20/SM. It sounds great .
You will find plenty of threads regarding solid woods.
Generally, the top is most important, followed by back and least is the sides.
What percentage each adds is up for debate.
I personally think it would be hard to tell side by side, 2 guitars, one with solid and one with laminate sides. Maybe a professional musician could.
I think that you will not be disappointed in the sound. It also plays like butter.
I have not heard about any problems with the action over time. What do you mean by that. The action should be good out of the box. Although some set up any guitar that they buy. Which is probably a good idea anyway, as you can get it the way you want, and it should only run about $35.

I just bought this guitar today, fell in love with it on first strum.
Wasn't the greatest experience - the guitar had original sticker price of $999 - I told the manager that I thought it was in their anniversary catalog - he claimed it wasn't, I told him to look on-line at the ad (after I couldn't find an ad flier), then he claimed it was the wrong model, then I proved to him that it was the same one. Then he was like "oh really?" and had to show him the flier that said "with case". THEN we found a crack on the front, so I had to drive to another store to finally pick it up.

BTW - the case is beautiful.