i was talking to some grindcore kid and i asked him what he thought about the hardcore scene in my hometown of corona california, and he said, "I hate those faggots that think their tight listening to as I lay dying and avenged sevenfold. doing their stupid hair and their eyeliner."

God I hate the fact that hardcore punk isn't even what it is anymore. it's now a place for main stream metal.

a7x and Trivium and all those new-era mainstream metal bands are not hardcore. real hardcore originated from the punk bands of the 80s, when kids wanted something faster and more aggressive. I'm tired of all these black-haired eyeliner faggots telling everyone of the best hardcore band ever, "as i lay dying." if you want some good hardcore listen to gorilla bisquits, hoods, allegiance, know the score, or terror.

please get to know what music you really like and stop screwing up everyone elses perceptions of such a great scene.
Heard it all before. You're correct but this is a pointless thread and we've all stated our opinions before.

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don't worry, plenty of us here still listen to actual hardcore
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